Your home team...our home team

Woodstock Communications has helped sponsor a new scoreboard for the new RTR baseball field. The sponsorship for the local school is part of an effort to bring a new field to Ruthton where the old football/softball field was.

An idea by the parents of the baseball players and supported by the RTR School Board put fourth the effort to build the new MN State High School approved field.

The new score board was just a piece of the puzzle, other additional projects included: ag lime for the field, grass seed and fertilizer, fencing for bullpens, expansion of the existing dugouts, maintenance equipment, a line marking machine and template for the batter's box, additional lighting, new sound system, larger concession stand, new bathrooms and a crow's nest for local media.

Your community is our community. Your home team… our home team.

Loyalty… it’s what keeps you cheering game after game. Driving them to practice. Celebrating victories and comforting your student athlete during loss.

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