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Woodstock Communications has expanded our broadband coverage to include the cities of Edgerton, Chandler, Balaton, Tracy, Slayton, Lake Wilson, Currie, and Westbrook.  We’re also in the works of possible expansions to other locations to extend our fiber network to more communities.

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In order to provide broadband to this community, Woodstock Communications is investing
heavily in a comprehensive, all-fiber network — the first of its kind in the area. This
infrastructure brings virtually unlimited bandwidth and will have a positive impact on
economic development:
• A fiber network is easier to maintain and delivers 100 times more bandwidth than
coaxial, cellular, or copper networks.
• Businesses will have a greater ability to compete in the global economy due to connectivity
that allows more applications such as remote data backups and telecommuting.
• Quality of work is enhanced by improved access to online research, education, and
• Businesses can expect an increase in value.

Bandwidth is vital for business growth and competitiveness. Is your current Internet
speed keeping up with the demands of your employees and customers? Ask yourself
these questions:
• Does it take too much time for your staff to do online research or receive large files?
• Are your employees frustrated with the Internet speeds at your business?
• Do your customers have to wait on the phone while their account information is being
loading or transactions are being processed?
• Is your staff unable to effectively use video conferencing for collaboration?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to consider the higher
speeds provided by fiber broadband from Woodstock Communications.

The bottom line is this: An increasing amount of business activity is
now done online, and data-intensive applications require faster data
speeds. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need
to be traveling as fast, or faster, than they are. By equipping your
business with fiber broadband, your employees can move data more
quickly and efficiently, resulting in a better overall experience for
your customers.

Replace your T1 lines with speeds ranging up to 1 Gbps or higher

• Secure high-speed connectivity to organizations with multiple local locations including schools,
health care organizations, local government, industrial, and retail or service firms
• Secure, high-speed connectivity to corporate LANs for telecommuting
• Monitoring of building security, traffic cameras, or similar activity
• Disaster recovery/business continuity, particularly connectivity to redundant data centers
• Traditional T1 line replacement

6 Advantages of Moving TO Fiber Broadband

Fiber broadband from Woodstock Communications offers powerful advantages to businesses in our area compared to copper, coaxial, or wireless.

“ FUTURE PROOF” TECHNOLOGY: Only fiber delivers enough bandwidth — reliably and at a low enough cost — to meet the ever-increasing demand for more robust Internet, video, and voice services as well as other online applications.
FASTER INTERNET SPEEDS: What download and upload speeds is your business currently receiving? Woodstock Communications can provide you with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.
NOT AFFECTED BY WEATHER OR TERRAIN: Temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind can all cause interference with microwave radio transmission, and topographical features and trees can also affect its reception. By contrast, our fiber broadband provides reliable connections regardless of environmental conditions.
GUARANTEED RELIABILITY: Woodstock Communications stands behind our fiber broadband and will guarantee your satisfaction with its performance. 
FLEXIBILITY AND SCALABILITY: A fiber network provides virtually unlimited bandwidth without having to change the fiber. Once your business is connected to our fiber broadband, we can easily increase Internet speeds down the road to accommodate future growth.
LOCAL SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Our dedicated local support team is always available to you. Count on us to go the extra mile to respond promptly to your questions or concerns and get the job done right.

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